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Rupert Carter

Managing Director

Rupert is a tracking expert with a fierce analytical mind and uncanny ability to uncover game-changing insight. A London Business School Alumni, he is passionate about method-neutral approaches – ensuring any project we undertake is anchored by the client’s business and strategic challenges.

Lauren Ellyatt

Strategy Director

With a background in Creative Planning and a Masters in Research, Lauren is our go-to for foundational or developmental projects. A quallie at heart, she is fascinated by what drives behaviour – often quoting behavioural economics at anyone who will listen. With a passion for ensuring research is used throughout a business, she ensures everything that goes out the door is both concise and visually impactful.

Joe Darlington

Client Service Director

Prior to joining Ci Joe spent nine and a half years at two different agencies, where he experienced the best (and worst) of research. Working predominantly in international brand tracking, segmentation and marketing effectiveness he's well versed across quant approaches. Not one to turn down a challenge, Joe tackles the thorniness of marketing questions with well-considered techniques, visually compelling outputs, and a love of engaging an audience when he presents.

Craig Meikle

Operations Director

To say Craig is passionate about data accuracy doesn’t do him justice. Not only does he quality control everything that comes in and out of our office, but he can sometimes be found giving talks to panel providers on new checks for data cleaning. He is also the most organised man you will ever meet; ensuring the Data Processing team runs like clockwork.

Kate Williams

Qualitative Director

Kate has more than 15 years experience in qualitative research, and has worked across a wide range of brands and categories both internationally and at home.

With a fascination for what makes people tick, Kate uses human insight to inform the full brand journey, from innovation and brand development right through to the challenges of effective media planning.  

When not busy exploding the office coffee machine, Kate is committed to building projects that inspire, coupled with highly efficient project management.

Jeremy Massey

Stats Director

Jeremy is our resident statistician. With over 20 years experience at Consumer Insight he can often be found in his home office (in a shed in his garden) running cluster, monadic or key driver analyses for any number of our ongoing or ad-hoc projects.

Mark Slater

Research Director

Mark’s expertise crosses numerous fields, including sponsorship, churn and exit-survey research. Working on a number of key accounts, he has an eye for insight and an ability to make even the most mundane of charts look stunning.

Robby Stribley

Associate Research Director

Coming from a business and engineering background, Robby can make the most complex of tasks look effortless. A keystone account manager on Waitrose and Channel 4, he has a keen eye for detail that has provided invaluable when designing our bespoke questionnaires.

Becky Evans

Research Manager

Becky joined in late 2016 from Mumsnet, where she was responsible for leading research projects across a diverse range of brands and managing up to 1200 parent bloggers. Due to her passion and ability to to instinctively understand human behaviour, she quickly rose through the ranks at Ci and now works across both the qualitative and quantitative areas of the business.

Jack Wood

Scripting Director

Jack’s ability to run the most complex of studies allows us to script and host our own projects, ensuring great user-experience for our respondents and fast turn-around of data for our clients. His ability with computers also makes him our go-to for IT related issues; this is the man who makes all our tech tick.

Andy Robson

Project Manager

A brand equity expert, Andy has over 10 years experience in brand tracking and bridges the gap between Client Service and Data Processing. Working alongside our fieldwork providers, he ensures our in-house hosted studies go off without a hitch.

Theo Gouldsborough

Research Manager

Coming from a background in law, Theo is unwaveringly dedicated to ‘getting the job done’. Working across numerous clients, he has a knack for visuals and can often be found getting in early, staying late and making thirty-five cups of tea in the process.

Richard Baldwin

Data Processing Manager

A physicist by nature, Richard is constantly imparting knowledge to the team on all things scientific. His knack with data has him running everything from ongoing studies to complex analysis (and his penchant for comedy acting often has us in fits of laughter).

Kulraj Dhillon

Finance Manager

Kulraj looks after all our finances, from PO numbers, to chasing us for receipts for expenses, she’s always on the ball, organised and accurate.

Kelly Karamanou

Research Executive

With a Bachelors degree in French Language in Literature, and a Masters in Marketing Management from Durham, Kelly has shown a knack for data that makes her an invaluable support to our Account Directors. As well as showing unwavering accuracy, her passion for marketing shines through her work.

Karl Rushton

Data Processing Executive

Our most recent addition to the DP team, Karl has a fine art degree and a background in operations from Waterstones. Having set up store stock systems in one of the largest Waterstones in the country, he deals brilliantly with data not just at work but also in his spare time - tinkering with databases of footballers on Football Manager, as well as watching and competing in sport. 

Erika Hockley

Data Processing Manager

Erika has worked for Ci for too many years to possibly mention, and works from home down south, providing support across numerous accounts and heading up the data side of the National Trust tracking study.

Lis McCann

Coding manager

Lis has worked for Ci for over 10 years and now heads up the coding team. She writes the frames, ensuring we’re really understanding the nuance of open-ended response, particularly for our advertising trackers, where understanding the difference between genuine humour or sarcastic wit can be crucial.

Rebekah Smith

Research Executive

With a First in Social Anthropology, Beka loves nothing more than grappling with puzzling questions and using creative approaches to get to the heart of any question.

Beka joined from a strategy consultancy in London and has a special interest in the future of food and drink, CSR, and sustainability

Rajan Sappal

Data Processing Executive

Raj arrived at Ci with a degree in mathematics and a postgraduate certificate in statistics with applications in medicine. His passion for data is complimented by an eye for detail - making him an invaluable member of the data & scripting team. In addition, he never backs down from any challenge set in front of him no matter how complex, not just at work but also when competing in sports.

Victoria Cloke

Research Executive

After spending a semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Vic graduated with a bachelors in International Business Management from Cardiff University. Vic’s keen interest for data and its endless capabilities was sparked immediately after graduating with a stint in the medical research industry. Vic has truly immersed herself into the company’s culture, and can often be found in the office kitchen whipping up something delicious.

Hajeera Bibi

Research Executive

Hajeera comes to Ci with a degree in Physics, a passion for data, a keen eye for detail and a mind open to taking on new adventures and challenges. As well as a love of science, Hajeera has an avid interest in language and fashion and can always be found with an iced coffee in hand.

Orla Mcintosh

Research Executive

Having joined us with a degree in English Literature, Orla loves to immerse herself in the world of her clients, and to think critically about our methodologies, fine tuning questionnaires to ensure the resulting outputs best meet their needs.

Jake Sharman-Smith

Research Executive

Jake joins Ci with an apt education (BA in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations; MA in Social & Political Thought) and a fascination for branding, comms and consumer behaviour. A diligent member of the CS team who works on projects tenaciously, Jake gets in the zone with headphones on and beats blasting. Away from market research, Jake can be found in the gym, on a football pitch, or hiking up a mountain! 

Luc Cook

Data Processing Executive

The newest member of the Ops team, Luc is always eager to volunteer to solve some of the more unique challenges that the team is tasked with. 

Karishma Riar

Project Manager

Karishma holds over 5 years of experience in market research and is process-driven and skilled in managing global, complex studies tracking customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Having attained a Masters in Psychology, Karishma is passionate about drivers of consumer attitudes and behaviours, and loves getting involved in making sense of data. Karishma also enjoys sports (running and dance) and exploring new places to eat.

Jo Buchanan

Business Support

Jo has spent her career helping agencies tick, from business support and office management to HR and event planning. She uniquely manages to blend her business support skills with a genuine love of helping people thrive in a demanding industry.


Chief Puppy Officer

Despite sleeping on the job, Lola excels at her social responsibilities - including morale boosting, chewing shoelaces, over-seeing board meetings and heading up Friday beers.

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